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Arctic charr environmental challenges explored on film

Ian Winfield, freshwater ecologist with the CEH Lakes team, tells us more about the Arctic charr of Windermere and 'Brass, Three Down' - a new film...


AMR - investigating the knowledge gaps

The problem of antimicrobials in the environment has gained much prominence recently and it's a topic that the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology has...


Cumbrian Lakes Research Forum 2017

Now in its third year, the Cumbrian Lakes Research forum on 31 October 2017 proved to be an interesting and stimulating day full of lake, river and...


Sustainable Bioenergy: managing and understanding the environmental risks and benefits

Dr Jeanette Whitaker, Knowledge Exchange Fellow, discusses some of the issues raised in a new GCB Bioenergy paper on bioenergy and land-use change...


Why are ladybirds entering homes in large numbers?

There has been a flurry of news items on ladybirds in recent weeks. Much of the focus has been on the harlequin ladybird and the way in which this...


Should we put a price on nature?

Dr Gill Ainsworth gives a short overview of a project and film in which users of the marine environment talk about their shared cultural values and...


Establishing minimum standards to inform non-native species risk assessments

Professor Helen Roy describes the process to agreeing 14 minimum standards that risk assessments of alien species should fulfil in an environmental...


New research could save significant water use in crop irrigation

Research led by CEH could help improve the estimates of the amount of water needed for crop irrigation, helping to alleviate both water stress and...


The Future of Water Management in Europe (eConference)

Reviewing implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive The aim of this September 2017 eConference was to gather constructive and practical...


Plants and pollution removal - estimating the value

There is continued interest from government and the public in recent work done by CEH for the Office of National Statistics (ONS). The ONS has just...