More effective protected areas needed to halt biodiversity loss

Protected natural areas of the UK are struggling to halt declines in insects and spiders that have occurred over the past 30 years, according to a study led by researchers from the UK Centre for...


Dr Stuart Wainwright appointed as new Chief Executive of the UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology

Dr Stuart Wainwright OBE, Director of the Government Office for Science, has been appointed Chief Executive of the UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (UKCEH) and will take up leadership of the...


Less intensively managed grasslands have higher plant diversity and better soil health, research shows

Researchers have shown - for the first time - that less intensively managed British grazed grasslands have on average 50% more plant species and better soil health than intensively managed grassland...


Half of replanted tropical trees don’t survive, new study finds

On average, about half of trees planted in tropical and sub-tropical forest restoration efforts do not survive more than five years, but there is enormous variation in outcomes, new research has found...


Climate change is testing resilience of UK wheat yields

Wheat yields in the UK have largely been resilient to varying weather over the past 30 years but the future security of our most widely grown food crop is uncertain due to climate change, says a new...


Beware of aliens! Take action to tackle rise of invasive species

A new Europe-wide awareness campaign is calling on everyone to prevent the spread of invasive alien species. A series of materials including posters, animations and social media graphics, to get the...


New report highlights opportunities for conservation of ladybirds globally 

A report into the global status of ladybirds reveals the threats they face and lays out a roadmap for conservation. The research was compiled by international experts from institutes including the UK...


Agri-environment measures boost wildlife populations in long-term farm study

Agri-environment schemes can significantly increase local bird and butterfly populations without damaging food production, a long-term research project by the UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology has...


Major tech investment will transform UK’s resilience to floods and droughts

A UK-wide network of state-of-the-art hydrological measuring equipment and digital technology is set to transform this country’s research into floods and droughts


​​​​​​​Scientists offer solutions to global phosphorus crisis that threatens food and water security

A major new report warns that global mismanagement of this finite nutrient is causing twin crises, brought into sharp focus with fertiliser prices skyrocketing in recent months. Our Phosphorus Future...