We organise our research across six Science Areas. Click to read more about each area including details of key projects, data, groups and facilities. 

Fieldwork at Black Burn, Auchencorth Moss
Quantifying biosphere atmosphere-exchange of air pollutants and greenhouse gases
Wildfloer margin
Understanding, predicting and mitigating future threats to biodiversity
Storm clouds over an agricultural landscape
Improving the understanding of extreme weather, climate and hydrology such as floods and droughts
Ozone damage on clover. Photo - Gina Mills, CEH
Providing the scientific knowledge and evidence that underpins the assessment of risk from chemicals
Measuring soil layers
Measuring and modelling change to conserve and enhance benefits from local to global scales
Reservoir in the Brecon Beacons National Park, Wales. Photo - Shutterstock
Interactions and conflicts between the ways in which freshwaters and their dependent ecosystems are used as a resource