We organise our research across eight linked Science Areas. Two other sections, Monitoring and Observation Systems and Environmental Informatics, provide much of the underpinning data. We often collaborate with partners, working with the ultimate goal of making our expertise and data accessible.

Auchencorth field site. Photo - CEH
Studying the exchange of gases and aerosols between the Earth’s surface and the atmosphere
Helping to maintain ecosystems and the delivery of ecosystem services
Photo - Shutterstock
We possess unique, long-term and large-scale datasets that describe the state of the environment
Supporting the green economy, with flexible, long-term, UK environmental surveillance systems
Flooding in Exbridge, Devon. Photo - Heather Lowther, CEH
We are developing the science associated with prediction of hydro-meteorological, biological and air quality hazards
Ozone damage on clover. Photo - Gina Mills, CEH
Our research looks at the extent to which the environment can adapt to and tolerate chemical inputs
Soil erosion on uplands. Photo - CEH
We measure soil vulnerability, monitor soil changes, and improve how soil is represented within land-atmosphere and ecosystem service models
Managing flowering field margins. Photo - Marek Nowakowski
We develop practical solutions to restore and enhance ecosystem functions
Reservoir in the Brecon Beacons National Park, Wales. Photo - Shutterstock
Our research assesses the interactions and conflicts between the ways in which freshwaters and their dependent ecosystems are used as a resource