Our national role

As a strategic delivery partner for the Natural Environment Research Council, part of UK Research and Innovation, UKCEH delivers impartial environmental science to benefit the UK research community, governments, businesses, and wider society. Our science infrastructures and national capability programmes enable researchers to observe, experiment, measure, understand and predict environmental processes, inter-connection, status and change.
Together with our extensive reach and expertise, UKCEH science infrastructures and programmes provide un-matched capability to generate independent, robust, high-quality scientific evidence that informs UK and international policy and innovative solutions. The power of these infrastructures and programmes is amplified by our national and international partnerships – working with research, public, private and third-sector partners to tackle UK and global goals and challenges.
Many UKCEH science infrastructures have a combination of characteristics that make them unique in the UK, and often globally.  For example, they generate some of the longest, largest and most comprehensive environmental records anywhere in the world, providing critical evidence and leadership for UK and international science, policy and environmental standards.

The Environmental Information Data Centre

The Environmental Information Data Centre is one of the NERC's network of environmental data centres. Delivered by UKCEH, it is a focal point for the terrestrial and freshwater sciences community, enabling the UK's researchers to make their data available and safeguard it for future application.


Science infrastructure

Our National Capability programmes: