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Microplastics - a review of existing knowledge

CEH ecotoxicologist, Alice Horton , delivered a lecture entitled ‘Microplastics – what we know?’ at the CIWEM Priority Substances and Micro-...


Climate manipulation experiment receives new infrastructure

18-year Welsh climate manipulation experiment receives new infrastructure. Dr Sabine Reinsch , a soil ecologist, explores what the investment means...


Mapping Knotweed risk using citizen science

Japanese Knotweed is considered a nuisance plant, damaging buildings and other manmade structures. Recent changes to the process of buying and...


On the connection of soil health and food production

Dr Sabine Reinsch tells us more about a UK-China research collaboration which aims to tackle agricultural over-fertilization and connected soil...


Isle of May breeding success

Mark Newell, Isle of May Field Manager, reports on a successful 2017 season for the main study species With the final checks completed by the Centre...


Slurry crusts, greenhouse gas emissions and methane-consuming bacteria

Dr Sabine Reinsch explains more about a new paper looking at methane-consuming bacteria present in liquid slurry crusts and their potential effect on...


Early career researchers consider freshwater science

Will Brownlie tells us more about a new research brief he and fellow early career researchers from the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (CEH) have...


Hydrological situation update, or: whatever happened to the ‘drought’?

Jamie Hannaford, head of the Hydrological Status and Reporting group at the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, summarises the current UK...


SEICAT - A new system for assessing the social and economic impacts of invasive non-native species

SEICAT ( Socio-economic impact classification of alien taxa ) is a novel system for ranking and comparing the impacts of invasive ('alien') species...


Plants in the UK remove £1billion worth of air pollution

As the government announces a plan to ban petrol and diesel cars by 2040, CEH has just completed a study showing that plants in the UK remove 1.4...