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Will droughts in East Africa become more common?

Hui Yang and Chris Huntingford comment on a brief communication paper published this week, in the journal Natural Hazards and Earth Systems Sciences...


In-field wild flower strips

Dr Ben Woodcock tells us more about why in-field flower strips are being trialled as a method to promote better pest control... The need to get...


Exploring alternatives to farming without neonics

ASSIST is a major collaborative NERC and BBSRC-funded research programme exploring methods to deliver sustainainable intensification of agriculture...


Chemicals in our wastewater...and our rivers - closing the water cycle loop

Dr Andrew Singer is leading CEH's research into antimicrobial resistance in the environment. Antimicrobials represent a small fraction of the...


How is land use change altering global patterns of soil erosion?

According to a recent study by the University of Basel, the European Commission's Joint Research Centre and the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology,...


2017 CEH News Review of the Year

We look back on a year of significant science at CEH, highlighting some of our most prominent papers , as well as the notable new products and...


NBN awards for Mark Hill and Helen Roy

CEH staff past and present were recently awarded Honorary Memberships of the National Biodiversity Network Trust. Their colleague Dr Oli Pescott...


Hydrological Situation Update December 2017

CEH and BGS scientists engaged in water situation monitoring and forecasting in the UK have produced their latest update on the current hydrological...


CEH scientists at major international conferences

CEH staff and students presented at two major international science conferences in December. In the now traditional pre-Christmas double header, the...


NERC Council visit to CEH at Bangor

Dr Sabine Reinsch, a soil ecologist based at our Bangor site, tells us more about a visit by NERC Council, which is NERC's top level decision-making...