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What does the Clean Air Strategy mean for ammonia?

The UK government's new Clean Air Strategy could be a turning point in cutting ammonia emissions, explains Professor Mark Sutton of the Centre for...


On the track of soil carbon – along the Roman roads

The second winter fieldwork update from Dr Sabine Reinsch, as the SOC-D soil sampling team head to Surrey... Christmas is approaching quickly – it’s...


Letters from the Lakes group - Winter 2018

In this update from the CEH Lake Ecosystems Group, I’m taking a look back at some of our achievements during 2018... Over the course of the year, the...


UK Hydrological Status Update - December 2018

After a summer in which the weather and its impacts hit the headlines, with heatwave and drought conditions in many areas of the UK, it might seem...


First Interactive Science Discovery Trail

The science we do is hugely important in protecting our local areas and their ecology and communities, but often people living in and around these...


On the track of soil carbon – out and about across the UK

Soils roughly store 1505 Petagrams of carbon globally, or 1,000,000,000,000 kilograms (Batjes, 2014)! But soils are not all the same. Soils are of...


UK Lakes Portal 2.0 - NBN Atlas, connectivity, old maps and more!

The UK Lakes Portal was launched in March 2016 to showcase the wealth of physical and environmental data that’s been collected on lakes across the UK...


Citizen science and its potential to transform environmental monitoring across the world

Across most of the world there are insufficient resources to monitor animals and plants, the state of habitats and the quality of freshwaters and our...


The UK’s preparedness for Xylella fastidiosa

A new £5million research project announced today will enhance the UK’s surveillance and response to Xylella fastidiosa , a plant disease which has...


Predicting the threat from invasive non-native species in British Overseas Territories

Last month, I led a team of ecologists who met in St Helena, a volcanic tropical island in the South Atlantic Ocean, to collaborate with invasive...