Exploring Tree Sense / At Eich Coed

Catherine Walker writes about the Tree Sense exhibition running from March to May 2023 at the Pontio in Bangor


UKCEH and Met Office science workshop

Details of a March 2023 workshop featuring the UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology and Met Office, who have a long and trusted relationship of working together across a broad range of topics.


Automated moth monitoring put to the test in Panama

New technology enabling the automated monitoring of moths has been put to rigorous testing in tropical conditions in Panama by an international team including researchers from UKCEH. Dr Tom August...


Sustainable and viable? Assessing a pasture fed livestock system

Farmers with pasture-fed livestock systems are increasingly adopting agro-ecological approaches to deliver profits for their business as well as potential environmental benefits. But what is the...


Why less polluted air is leading to the browning of rivers

Lake and stream waters in upland regions of many parts of northern Europe and North America have become browner in recent decades, an issue of major concern for water companies who draw on upland...


The state of lakes in the Windermere catchment – a long-term view

Lake ecosystems are continually changing. Consistently collected, long-term data provides the evidence we need to detect and understand these changes. Lakes in the Windermere catchment have been...


Biodiversity targets: what does success look like?

As COP15 reaches its conclusion, Dr Nick Isaac discusses how we can avoid repeating the failure of previous biodiversity targets...


Working to secure a nature positive world at COP15

Professor Helen Roy, an ecologist at the UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, is one of the co-chairs of the IPBES assessment on invasive alien species, which will be published in 2023. Helen attended...


New centipede atlas provides insights into British species

The Atlas of the Centipedes of Britain and Ireland is the result of many years of work by both amateur and professional recorders in the Centipede Recording Scheme under the auspices of the British...


Report from the Cumbrian Lakes Research Forum 2022

A summary of talks from the seventh Cumbrian Lakes Research Forum which was held in November 2022