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spring 2024

Feedback on the online course in October 2020 was 100% positive! 

An interactive online training course teaching you how to run interactive online training courses, workshops and teaching and knowledge sharing sessions.

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You can now also do the Train the Online Trainer on-demand, in your own time and at your own pace (immediate access from just £149).


Students: £249  
Professionals: £299

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Short course description:

This interactive and participatory training course over three mornings will give you the knowledge, skills and confidence to train other people online in formal and informal situations, such as

  • Training courses
  • Workshops
  • University teaching
  • Knowledge Sharing Sessions

It is very much a 'learning by experiencing' and 'learning by doing' course. We will use a broad range of online tools throughout the three days including Zoom, Jitsi Meet, Padlet, JISC surveys, Google classroom Google surveys (for mini-assessment), FlexiQuiz, Poll Everywhere, Hemingway app, Toonly/PowToon and many more! 

We will have many facilitated exercises in small virtual breakout rooms, working in pairs or small groups.

Day 1

  1. Intro to using Zoom - interactive functionality & breakout rooms 
  2. Role of the Trainer
  3. How do people learn (online)
  4. Motivation & Participation

Day 2

  1. Presentation Skills & Tools (1& 2)
  2. Online learning/ blended learning
  3. Communication
  4. Assessing Learning
  5. More online tools!

Day 3

  1. Practice training sessions & learner feedback
  2. Learning Outcomes
  3. Session planners
  4. Planning practical tasks/logistics
  5. Recap/ how to close the training
  6. Follow-up

Overall learning outcome: 

Learners will increase their knowledge, skills and confidence in developing and delivering interactive online training and learning content, so that their own online training activities will have 75% of learner feedback rated as "good“ or better.

Target audience: 

Anyone who wants to start or improve their knowledge and skills on formal and informal ways of training others. Learning applies beyond Ecology and Hydrology topics!

You can now also do the Train the Online Trainer on-demand, in your own time and at your own pace (from just £149).


Beginner - you do not need any previous experience with training


16 learners per event

Hardware and software requirements:

You will need a laptop or desktop computer. A second external screen will be an advantage (but is not essential).

We will use Zoom to deliver the training course. There are 5 ways to join Zoom (and at least one of them should work for you!).

Having a webcam is desirable (but not essential). If you plan to participate from an open-plan office or noisy environment, please wear headphones with a built-in microphone.

We will provide more information about Zoom with the joining instructions and at the start of the event. You can find more information about Zoom on our FAQ page.

Course leader: 

Dr Ingo Schüder, Commercial Training Manager, UKCEH.

Ingo has been delivering training courses since 2009. He launched the UKCEH training offer in 2018. He has been running the "Train the Trainer" course many times since 2017. Ingo has extensive training in developing blended learning content. He has been developing and delivering UKCEH online training courses since February 2020.

Previous course participants said:

"I really enjoyed this course and thought Ingo was a great trainer. Thank you"
(Michelle Du Toit, Programme Manager at CDKN, SouthSouthNorth, from South Africa, 22 October 2020)

"Excellent variety of training materials, exercises and opportunities for participation.  Good mix of theory and practical tips."


If you would like to arrange for an in-house training workshop on this topic, please contact Dr Ingo Schüder  UKCEHtraining@ceh.ac.uk or call 01491 69 2225