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Autumn/Winter 2024

The feedback for the in-person course in September 2023 was 94% positive.



UK Centre For Ecology & Hydrology ,Penicuik, EH26 0QB, United Kingdom

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summer/ autumn 2024

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Short course description:

This 2-day interactive course (over three days) is an introduction to ammonia as an air pollutant and its role in air quality impacts. The course will cover an overview of the sources and effects of ammonia pollution, air quality policies and legislations targeted at reducing emissions and impacts of ammonia.  The course will also explain how ammonia is measured and how to link concentrations to effects in local assessments.   
Day 1 

  • Ammonia as an atmospheric pollutant, including an overview of legislation and mitigation options
  • The impact of ammonia on sensitive ecosystems

Day 2 

  • Ammonia measurement techniques 
  • Designing an ammonia experiment

Day 3 

  • Designing an ammonia experiment continued
  • Group exercise 

Learning outcome:

By the end of the course, you will have a basic understanding of ammonia as an air pollutant. You will also have an appreciation of how ammonia is measured and how measurement data may be used in effects assessments.

Course objectives:

  1. Understanding of ammonia as an air pollutant, including effects of ammonia on ecosystems and human health.
  2. Understanding types of ammonia emissions sources.
  3. Understanding UK government policies on reducing ammonia emissions and mitigating impacts.
  4. Understanding of methods for measuring ammonia in ambient air.
  5. Understanding of how measurements can be used in effects assessments.

Target audience:

The course is aimed at those with an interest in ammonia and assessment of its effects:

  • Legislators
  • Local government employees
  • UK agency staff
  • Non-scientists
  • Farmers
  • Agricultural consultants
  • Those wanting an introduction to ammonia air quality science basics

This is an introductory course to enable a basic level understanding of the topic area.

If you wish to develop your skills beyond this, in order to be able to provide ammonia monitoring design and evidence-gathering expertise, please contact UKCEH for further information and discussion. 

Please email cehairquality@ceh.ac.uk for recommendations, if you aren't sure which course is best suited for your needs.




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Hardware and software requirements:

You may wish to bring your own laptop for taking notes. UKCEH will provide all course notes and copies of presentations in electronic format.


The cost of accommodation is not included in the price.
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Course leaders:

Pablo Espina Martin, Atmospheric Ammonia Pollution Measurement Scientist, UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology – ammonia measurement/ experiment expert scientist.

Maude Grenier, Plant Ecologist, UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology – with specialisation in ammonia impacts.

Amy Stephens, UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology.

Amy has worked for UKCEH as an Environmental Chemist for five years.  Her research is focused on ammonia in air measurements.  Amy manages the national ammonia network as well as several projects measuring ammonia levels on sensitive ecosystems. Amy is also managing the delivery of ALPHA® and DELTA® samplers and analysis to our customers and training them on how to correctly use the systems.

Previous course participants said:

The feedback for the in-person course in September 2023 was 94% positive.

"I liked the participative nature of the course best. The trainers had professional in-depth and applied knowledge." 
(Sue Buckingham, Natural Resources Wales, Sep 2023)

"I liked the relaxed atmosphere, the interactive exercises and the expertise of the trainers best."
(Ceri Meehan, Natural England, Sep 2023) 

"The course has been very interesting, informative and helpful. The way the trainers and Amy delivered it was very pleasant and easy."
(Mark Taylor, Natural England, February 2022)

"The trainers were so knowledgeable, explained everything well and clearly and encouraged group discussion."
(learner, Sep 2023)