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UKCEH offers knowledge & skills sharing and capacity building activities, face to face and ONLINE training courses

Our online course offer is growing all the time!

UKCEH is currently scoping potential to convert more courses to an online course.  

Please continue to express your interest in courses here (where they currently show as 'Face to Face' courses).

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water sprinkler (C) Pixaby CC01.
14-16 Sep 2020
Radioecology training South Africa
from £875
autumn 2020
transforming environmental data in R
from £449
22 & 23 Sep 2020
Using drones to map habitat (training course)
7 & 8 October 2020
from £249
October 2020
how to write research (C) McmScience (free commercial use licence)
from £209
11 &12 Nov 2020
from £599
autumn/winter 2020
ONLINE/ Edinburgh
from £99
spring 2021
Hartig et al 2012
from £779
autumn 2020 (tbc)
Edinburgh/online tbc
(C) Pixaby CCO
no date set
weather station_ field electronics and sensors training
from £239
deferred due to Covid19
Bangor (Wallingford/ Lancaster)
Centre for Ecology & hydrology - ICP ozone damage on bean plant

Ozone damage on bean plant

£49 / £599
2020 (TBC)
Bangor, Wales

Here some more opportunities for training, learning and knowledge sharing. Some of these are offered by organisations CEH works in partnership with: