Q: How can I join a UKCEH online training course?

 A: UKCEH offers interactive and facilitated online training courses. UKCEH uses Zoom for these online training courses. There are 5 ways to participate in a Zoom meeting (pdf; 13/05/20). UKCEH will send you joining instructions, that will explain, how to join the online training. A quick introduction is here: official Zoom YouTube tutorial video

If you need more information, for all options available, see the following documents:

You can access our on-demand self-paced online courses via our online Learning Portal, UKCEH LearnWorlds. To help you feel more confident and comfortable with self-paced online learning, we have put together a video on the basics of learning on our online learning portal, UKCEH LearnWorlds. (link to an external video on YouTube)

Q: How do you use Zoom for interactive training courses? What other tools are available for interactive learning?

A:  Here are some Zoom guidance documents that may be helpful for hosts:

  1. Scheduling and hosting Zoom online meetings (for hosts) (PDF; version: August 2022; settings you need to be aware of before you start the meeting, tips for hosts, host check-lists)
  2. Using breakout rooms - guidance for hosts (PDF; version: 02/07/20)
  3. A set of PowerPoint slides hosts may wish to screen-share during a meeting to explain Zoom functions to participants (pptx; updated version 3 March 2021)

. For your general information, you may find this document on other tools useful: 

Q: Can I get a refund for a course if I am not able to attend?

A: If you cancel your course more than six weeks before, you can choose to let UKCEH keep your course payment and attend the same course at a later date at no extra cost. Alternatively, you can choose to have a 75% refund.

If you cancel one to six weeks before the training course, subject to circumstances, at our discretion, we will offer you a 75% refund or we will offer you to attend the same course at a later date paying an extra £50 admin fee.

If you cancel less than one week before the course starts, subject to circumstances, at our discretion, we will offer you a 50% refund or we will offer you to attend the same course at a later date paying an extra £100 admin fee.

Please also see our page with our full Terms and conditions for commercial training courses

Q: Do you have a regular newsletter so I can stay informed about courses?

A: Yes, sign up for our training newsletter here (4-6 issues per year). You will benefit from an early notification and the Early Bird discounts!

Q: Is there a discount for international learners?

A: Please ask. We are happy to offer a discount. For example, professionals from qualifying ODA countries can attend at the UK student price. Some courses have much greater discounts for learners from ODA countries (e.g. Ozon training)

Q: Is there a discount for students?

A: Yes.  Most courses are discounted for students, typically 10%, but some courses more. Other courses are free for certain students (e.g. NERC-funded PhD students) or members of specific research projects.

Q: Do you offer training courses in other languages?

A: Yes, in principle. UKCEH has many international staff. We may be able to provide training in French, Spanish and Portuguese. We can also arrange for interpretation/ translation, e.g. for Chinese.

Q; Do you also provide bespoke or in-house training?

Yes. If the number of learners is sufficient, we also provide training tailored to your needs. Please enquire with our Business Development Manager (Training), Dr Ingo Schüder UKCEHtraining@ceh.ac.uk or +44 (0)1491 69 2225.

Q: How do I pay for training courses?

A: We use an online booking system (accepts credit & debit cards). When you sign up online, you will immediately get an automated email response that includes your invoice. For group bookings and bespoke training courses, we also accept the purchase order and Invoice route. 

Q: How do I know the course is right for me?

A: Each course listing will say who the course is targeted at, provide a more detailed description of course content and state any prior requirements of skills or knowledge (where appropriate) and learning outcomes. The course description will list learning objectives and/or learning outcomes

Q: Where do you provide training?

A: We provide training online and at our four sites. UKCEH has four office locations: Wallingford (Oxfordshire), Lancaster, Bangor (Wales) and Edinburgh. Most courses are provided in one location only. Please see the course detail.

We also provide training in collaboration with partners in other UK locations. On occasion, we provide training courses outside the UK. This is typically in the context of a research project or training contract with an international development organisation.

Q: Can you advise on suitable accommodation?

There is plenty of accommodation available near our Wallingford, Bangor, Lancaster and Edinburgh sites. Please use standard search portals for hotels and B&B.

Q: How do I get to the training location?

A: Most of our training locations are accessible by train (in combination with a short bus journey). Each course provides detail on “how to get there” and material provided in advance will give you a map and a detailed description of travel options.

Q: How about parking?

A: There is no charge for parking at Wallingford and Edinburgh. Parking at Bangor and Lancaster is limited and may require a permit. If you are staying overnight, parking at your Hotel may be a good option, too.

Q: Are accommodation and food included in the price?

A: UKCEH provides refreshments and lunch for all courses. Some courses that run for more than one day include a training course dinner. Accommodation costs are not included in the course fee (unless specifically stated).

Q: Do I need to bring anything with me?

A: This depends on the course. We will provide you with presentations and other material in an electronic (and printed) format in advance of the course. If taking notes electronically is your preference, we recommend you bring your laptop or notebook.  If there is anything specific you need to bring, we will share this with you well in advance of the training course.

Where access to a computer is essential (e.g. GIS or data modelling), this will be provided by UKCEH. Clothing required for field visits will be stated in the joining instructions.

Q: Does the course fee include VAT?

A: No. As an academic organisation, UKCEH is exempt from charging you VAT on training courses. (Exceptions apply, e.g. for bespoke courses to a commercial customer)

Q: What about learning evaluation?

All our courses include a feedback form at the end asking the learner about learning objectives and other aspects. Some courses may have a pre-course and post-course questionnaire or a mini-test at the end of the course to evaluate and demonstrate the learning effect. We also provide our learners with a learning journal they may wish to use during and after the course.

If you have any other question not addressed here, please do not hesitate to contact our Commercial Training Manager, Dr Ingo Schüder, by email UKCEHtraining@ceh.ac.uk or phone +44 (0)1491 69 2225.


last updated: 6 September 2022