Countryside Survey in 2007

Countryside Survey 2007 tablet
Countryside Survey tablet

The UK results from 2007 were published in November 2008 and individual country-level reports followed in 2009.

Recent work has demonstrated how principles established in the UK might be extended to a European scale - not only to examine the implications of climate change, but also to link them with land use.

Several European countries have also been carrying out programmes of work, using comparable principles, with many further studies planned. In light of this, there is strong potential to apply the Countryside Survey approach to measuring the rates of vegetation and habitat change at the strategic European level, and in the development of appropriate rural policies.

Reference: J. Sheail & R.G.H. Bunce (2003) The development and scientific principles of an environmental classification for strategic ecological survey in the United Kingdom. Centre for Ecology and Hydrology.

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