UKCEH Countryside Survey data

This page is a gateway to the data from the UKCEH Countryside Survey. The published reports can only present a small proportion of the data collected in surveys since 1978. There is a wealth of further information that can be extracted from the data that will help inform users about change in different aspects of the Countryside over this period.

Data access

UKCEH Countryside Survey summary and square level data are now available for licensed users to download from the UKCEH Environmental Information Platform for a wide range of geographic regions across Great Britain i.e. squares that fall within the boundaries of pre-determined political and geographic areas.

Apps & Webtools

UKCEH Countryside Survey data are complex. To help get the most from your use of the data and guard against any inappropriate use it is important that you familiarise yourself with the sampling design and methodology used to collect the data and the dataset and metadata descriptions for the downloaded files. It is particularly important users appreciate that the presence of one or more squares within an area selected does not mean that those squares are representative of that area, except where those areas are countries and the Environmental Zones defined in Countryside Survey.

Please note that the actual locations of UKCEH Countryside Survey squares are kept confidential to preserve the representativeness of sampling sites and the goodwill of landowners. Please follow this link for further information.

Further background information which will help to inform your interpretations of the data can be found in the Survey results and technical reports available from the Surveys. Please ensure that you understand the data and its limitations before drawing any conclusions and acting upon them. If in any doubt please consult with relevant experts.

Becoming a licensed user is easy and can be done quickly by registering with the UKCEH Environmental Information Platform. Access and use of the data is free of charge provided that it is downloaded directly from this service, properly acknowledged/cited and that your intended use is not excluded by the “RESTRICTIONS ON USE” in the click-through data licence. For any enquiries relating to use of Countryside Survey data not permitted by the licence, please send details of your request to with reference to CS Data Licensing.

All use of UKCEH Countryside Survey data must be acknowledged: find information on citing use of Survey data and publications.

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