Countryside Field Survey

The Field Survey is a very detailed study of a sample of 1km squares, located all over England, Scotland and Wales. The individual squares are chosen so that they represent all major habitat types in the UK. Enough squares are selected for each type, to make sure that the statistical analysis for that habitat is robust and reliable.

The location of the study squares is kept confidential to avoid any deliberate influences that could affect them or the features within them. In this way the sample squares will remain a true reflection of changes in the wider countryside; they will continue to provide a reliable comparison for future Surveys.

Within each 1km square, different features have been recorded by teams of trained field surveyors in different years.

Countryside Field Survey

Currently the following is being collected:

In previous surveys, the following information has also been collected:

  • Mapping Broad and Priority habitats, as well as linear and point features
  • Collecting measurements and samples from streams and ponds

The field survey methods may be found here: Technical reports

Countryside Survey