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94th meeting

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The 94th meeting of the Scottish Freshwater Group took place on Thursday 16 April 2015. Talks were held in Lecture Theatre 2V1 in the Cottrell Building, University of Stirling.

The meeting was co-organised with Scotland's Centre of Expertise for Waters (CREW) and aimed to give freshwater scientists the opportunity to identify the most important knowledge gaps and research needs to support the development and implementation of the River Basin Management Plans (RBMP) for Scotland. Opinion was gathered on priority research questions associated with four topic areas that were outlined by four keynote speakers in the morning session.

Chair: Willie Duncan (SEPA)

Morning Session

  • 10:00 Meet for tea / coffee (not provided, please bring your own)
  • 10:15 Willie Duncan (SEPA): "Introduction to the RBMP consultation"
  • 10:30 Katherine Simpson and Nick Hanley (Universities of Stirling and St Andrews): "Valuing Nature"
  • 11:00 Mike Dobson (APEM): "Managing invasive non-native species"
  • 11:30 Trevor Hoey (University of Glasgow): "Improving the Physical Environment"
  • 12:00 Andy Vinten (James Hutton Institute): "Water Quality: Rural Diffuse Pollution"
  • 12:30 Laurence Carvalho (CEH) and Jannette MacDonald (CREW) - "Purpose of afternoon discussion"

 12:45-13:45 Lunch

Afternoon Session: Discussion of knowledge gaps and research needs

  • 13:45 Breakout groups on four themes outlined in the morning
  • 14:45 Reporting back from breakout groups and topic-discussion
  • 15:30 Plenary discussion with panel (Chair: Willie Duncan, SEPA)
  • 16.00 Close of meeting, followed by further discussion and social drink in the Meadowpark Hotel

Read a summary of the meeting:

95th meeting

riverside vegetation

The 95th meeting of the Scottish Freshwater Group takes place on Thursday 29 October 2015.

Chair: Matthew O'Hare (CEH)

Morning session

  • 10:00 Meet for tea / coffee (not provided, please bring your own)
  • 10:30 Crystal Smiley (University of Glasgow): Detecting ice- or snow-derived freshening of the North Atlantic
  • 11:00 Nick Hanley (University of St Andrews): Valuing water quality improvements using choice experiments
  • 11:30 Kenneth Porter (University of Stirling): Developing a risk-based approach for spatially targeted management of diffuse microbial pollution
  • 12:00 Diane Lawrence (University of Edinburgh): The rolse of species interactions in determining the responses of aquatic microbial communities to environmental change
12:30-14:00 Lunch and Poster demonstrations (Room 2B147, Cottrell Building)
  • Gary McKay (Elgin): Freshwater World - the prospect of zoological attractions for freshwater animals
  • Diana McLaren (University of Stirling): Remobilisation of contaminants during flooding events

Afternoon session - River restoration

  • 14:00 Zarah Pattison (University of Stirling): Long-term changes in riparian vegetation in response to invasion by non-native plants
  • 14:30 Hannah Clilverd (University College London): Removal of river embankments and the modelled effects on river-floodplain hydrodynamics on the River Glaven
  • 15:00 Eric Gillies (University of Glasgow): Essential technical requirements for managing risk in river restoration
  • 15:30 Hamish Moir (Rivers and Lochs Institute, UHI and cbec eco-engineering UK Ltd): Fit-for-purpose river restoration: appropriate approaches for different environments
  • 16:00 Announcement on Spring 2016 meeting
  • 16:15 Social drink in the Meadowpark Hotel

The next meeting will take place on Thursday 21 April 2016. To offer a talk or poster, please contact pauline.lang@sepa.org.uk

The Scottish Freshwater Group is also on Facebook and Twitter.

The Scottish Freshwater Group is organised by Laurence Carvalho, Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, and hosted by Colin Bull, CRESS, University of Stirling.