A best practice guide

Using citizen science with alien species: a practical guide for project initiators

Alien CSI best practice guide

This guide is intended to help anyone set up an alien species citizen science project. Target people include NGO workers, researchers, policymakers, volunteer groups, government agency workers, project managers, invasive species managers, teachers, and the general public.

Contributors: Peter Brown, Elizabete Marchante, Elena Tricarico, Tim Adriaens, Anna Gazda, Michael Pocock, Lien Reyserhove, Maarten De Groot, Paraskevi Karachle, Niki Chartosia, Jan Pergl, Angeliki Martinou, Annelies Duerinckx, Bernat Claramunt López, Bozena Mitic, Ioanna Angelidou, Ioannis Bazos, Jiří Skuhrovec, Marta Lopez Darias, Pavel Pipek, Siobhan Edney, Sven Schade, Vanessa Lozano, Helen Roy

A best practice guide


The Three Mosquiteers leaflets

Alien CSI Mo Ski Do

Please find the two leaflets written by Dr. Kelly Martinou & Prof. Helen Roy and designed collaboratively with Field Studies Council (FSC) Publications. If you are interested, please see the PDF versions of the leaflets linked below.

The first booklet is available in Greek and English and introduces the ecology of mosquitoes with a focus on invasive alien mosquitoes. In our second leaflet, the mosquiteers learn about the fantastic pollinators of Europe

Three Mosquiteers Greek

Three Mosquiteers English

Three Mosquiteers Pollinators Greek

Three Mosquiteers Pollinators English

Three Mosquiteers aliens Greek

Three Mosquiteers aliens English


Mini guide to invasive alien species

The guides have been published/printed by the Field Studies Council (FSC) Publications. Mini guides on invasive alien species have been written in many different languages (Spanish, Slovenian, Catalan, English, Italian, Greek, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Romanian and Bulgarian). 

Alien CSI mini guide cover

Invasive species mini guide English

Invasive species mini guide Slovenian

Invasive species mini guide German

Invasive species mini guide Greek

Invasive species mini guide Italian

Invasive species mini guide Portuguese

Invasive species mini guide Romanian

Invasive species mini guide Bulgarian

Invasive species mini guide Catalan

Invasive species mini guide Dutch

Invasive species mini guide Spanish


Invasive plants of Belgium Infographic

To raise awareness of the invasive in Belgium we have created an infographic in three languages to help people recognise some invasive plants and to explain what 

people can do to limit their spread. The infographic is available in French, English and Dutch. 

https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.3882535 (FR)

https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.3876003 (EN)

https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.3882440 (NL)


Alien CSI poster and video

The video is available in French, English, German, and Dutch.


Alien CSI Invasive species


Alien CSI Invasive species


Alien CSI Invasive species


Alien CSI Invasive species