COST Action CA17122 Increasing understanding of alien species through citizen science (Alien CSI)

Prepared by Teodora Trichkova and Rumen Tomov

Alien CSI research results Bulgaria Report


Alien CSI Data Management Plan

Alien CSI wants to follow best practices in the management of the data it collects. This includes following principles of FAIR Data. That is to say, managing data so that it is findable, accessible, interoperable and re-usable. Towards this goal, the management committee have drafted a data management plan, based upon the template for the European Commission's H2020 data management plans.

This is intended to be a reference document for the participants in the action, but also a living document that can be discussed and amended as necessary during the action.

Groom, Quentin John, Adriaens, Tim, Cardoso, Ana Cristina, Essl, Franz, Martinou, Kelly, Moen, Toril Loennechen, … Roy, Helen. (2019). The data management plan of Alien-CSI (Version 0.1.0). Zenodo.


Results and outcomes of the Action (e.g., publications, guidelines, white papers, dissemination material)

  • Ferreira-Rodríguez, N., Pavel, A. B., & Cogălniceanu, D. (2021). Integrating expert opinion and traditional ecological knowledge in invasive alien species management: Corbicula in Eastern Europe as a model. Biological Invasions, 23(4), 1087-1099.
  • Groom, Quentin; Strubbe, Diederik; Adriaens, Tim; Davis, Amy J.S.; Desmet, Peter; Oldoni, Damiano; Reyserhove, Lien; Roy, Helen E.; Vanderhoeven, Sonia. (2019) Empowering citizens to inform decision-making as a way forward to support invasive alien species policy. Citizen Science: Theory and Practice, 4 (1), 33. 11, pp.
  • Increasing understanding of alien species through citizen science (Alien-CSI) (Roy et al., 2018) 
  • Neodryinus typhlocybae, a biological control agent of Metcalfa pruinosa, spreading in Hungary and reaching Slovakia (Vetek et al., 2019)