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Special Issue of Applied Soil Ecology 'Soil Biodiversity in an Upland Grassland'

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The papers in the Special Issue are:

  • Soil biodiversity in an upland grassland Editorial
    Michael B. Usher and Donald A. Davidson
  • Understanding biological diversity in soil: The UK's Soil Biodiversity Research Programme
    Michael B. Usher, Andrew R.J. Sier, Mike Hornung and Peter Millard
  • The functions and components of the Sourhope soil microbiota
    Robert I. Griffiths, Mark J. Bailey, Niall P. McNamara and Andrew S. Whiteley
  • Studies of microbial community structure and function below ground in a managed upland grassland site at Sourhope Research Station
    Martin Krsek and Elizabeth M.H. Wellington
  • Soil protozoa—An intensive study of population dynamics and community structure in an upland grassland
    Genoveva F. Esteban, Ken J. Clarke, José L. Olmo and Bland J. Finlay
  • Carbon fluxes from plants through soil organisms determined by field 13CO2 pulse-labelling in an upland grassland
    Jonathan R. Leake, Nick J. Ostle, J. Ignacio Rangel-Castro and David Johnson
  • Relationships between biodiversity and soil structure and function: Evidence from laboratory and field experiments
    Donald A. Davidson and Ian C. Grieve
  • The abundance, richness and functional role of soil meso- and macrofauna in temperate grassland - A case study
    Lisa Cole, Mark A. Bradford, Peter J.A. Shaw and Richard D. Bardgett
  • Interactions between fertilizer addition, plants and the soil environment: Implications for soil faunal structure and diversity
    Philip J. Murray, Roger Cook, Amanda F. Currie, Lorna A. Dawson, Alan C. Gange, Susan J. Grayston and Amy M. Treonis
  • An integrated data resource for modelling the soil ecosystem
    L. Irvine, A. Kleczkowski, A.M.J. Lane, J.W. Pitchford, D. Caffrey and P.M. Chamberlain

Other papers and published outputs from the Soil Biodiversity Programme

These are listed in the following publication list:



A wide range of data collected during the Soil Biodiversity Programme is available from the NERC Environmental Information Data Centre (EIDC), hosted by the UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology. 

Access published datasets here

Soil Biodiversity Programme leaflets

A series of leaflets was produced summarising the programme and its key findings.