Research Exchange Schemes

Exchanges provided opportunities to scientists from each country to visit the other in order to spend time exploring research ideas, building capacity or training in research methods, and exchanging latest findings. 

Thirteen Researcher Exchanges were supported by the IUKWC.

  • Five Senior Exchanges, which focussed on visits by leading scientists (>8yrs since PhD) with an emphasis on developing new ideas for future India-UK projects in the water security field.
  • Eight Junior Exchanges, which focussed on early career researchers (<8yrs since PhD, PhD students, and MSc Students with 3 years or more relevant experience), to provide them the opportunity to gain experience of working internationally, develop scientific skills and lay the seeds for future India-UK collaborations as their careers progress.

Calls to participate where published annually to the Open Network members. Exchange topics needed to address at least one of the IUKWC themes. Exchange visits normally lasted between one and three weeks. Selection of candidates was done by the IUKWC Management Board by considering the relevance of topic, expertise of the applicant to the topic, and motivations and expected aims.

RE Title Duration Activity Leads Location Publications
A water balance analysis to support sustainable river basin management in the desert river, Luni in India 1st to 21st June 2019 Dr Padmini Pani Lancaster University, UK

Senior RE- Padmini Report

Water Brief 18

System complexity and stakeholder needs - ensuring river basin models for climate change adaptation are fit-for-purpose 14th to 28th May 2019 Prof. Ian Holman Kharagpur, India

Senior RE- Holman Report

Water Brief 14

Establishing a collaborative network with investigators of Future Dams on the water-energy-food-environment trade-offs, economic impacts, and water governance 7th to 27th April, 2019 Ms. Amruta Pradhan University of Manchester, India Junior RE- Amruta Report
Freshwater resources analysis from Water Harvesting Structures in the Sambhar Salt Lake region, Rajasthan 2nd to 23rd March, 2019 Ms. Paula Arce Vicente Jaipur, India

Junior RE- Paula Report

Water Brief 15


Development of carbon-based polymer composite product for efficient recovery of crude oil in oil spill environment 2nd to 23rd March, 2019 Mr. Jonathan Bloor Bengaluru, India

Junior RE- Jonathan Report


A small-scale monitoring study for a range of antibiotics in the River Foss catchment and comparison of antibiotic exposure in the UK and India Spring 2018 Ms. Akanksha Singh Kachhawaha University of York, UK Junior RE- Akanksha Report
Integrating remotely sensed observations of surface water storage with climate forecast for freshwater management Spring, 2018 Dr. Vimal Mishra University of Leicester, UK Senior RE- Vimal Report
Are heatwaves exacerbating drought situation in India? Trends in occurrence and intensity of drought and heatwaves? Summer, 2018 Mr. Rakesh Tiwari Pune, India Report not submitted
Understanding the water, energy and food security nexus to design technology and policy approaches for enhanced adaption to climate change in India 9th to 30th June, 2017 Dr. N. K. Tyagi University of Sussex, UK

Senior RE - Tyagi Report

Tyagi Implications ppt

Tyagi Transitioning ppt

Water Brief 05

Ecosystems services assessment and its implementation in UK 15th May to 4th June, 2017 Dr. Sumit Sen Cranfield University, UK

Junior RE- Sumit Report

Water Brief 02

The use of passive sampling devices to improve the monitoring of anthropogenic pollutants in river catchments in India 8nd to 28rd May, 2017 Dr Gary Fones Bengaluru, India Senior RE- Gary Report
Quantifying resilience of water infrastructure to extreme precipitation events in urban areas 3rd to 18th May, 2017 Mrs. Chandra R Rupa University of Exeter, UK Junior RE- Chandra Report
Consolidating learning about stakeholder engagement across research and practice: Toward the development of hydro-climatic practice 28th April to 18th May, 2017 Dr. Meaghan Daly Pune, India

Junior RE- Meghan Report

Water Brief 03