Open Network

The Open Network of India-UK Water Scientists was an online, searchable database of individuals and organisations based in the UK and India with research interests in water security, as well as other stakeholders such as policy makers, operations and management decision makers, and businesses interested in water science.

Hosted on the IUKWC website, the Open Network provided an open information source for members, as well as being used by the IUKWC to disseminate communications, circulate calls for new activities and identify participants for commissioned activities.  Members registered through a dedicated portal, account requests were vetted by the IUKWC Secretariat, after which members were able to search the member database and access certain Centre outputs.

The network of researchers, policy makers, businesses and decision makers, grew continually over the years, and at the time of decommissioning membership stood at just over 1000. 

Some statistics about the Network are as follows:

The Open Network had members in every state in India, except two - 142 cities/villages/towns were represented, whereas in the UK, each of the nations (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) had members and 60 cities/towns/villages were represented.

91% of the members were researchers, 4% were from the business/consultancy sector, 3% were from government, and 2% from the NGO sector. 

Over 710 institutions in India, 269 in the UK, and 22 around the world were represented in the membership

Trend in membership over the duration of the Centre:

All members graph


India and UK members graph