Floods and Droughts Research Infrastructure (FDRI): a scoping project

The FDRI scoping project ran for 21-months from May 2020 to January 2022. Its overall objective was to determine community requirements and rationale for an infrastructure investment that would be capable of delivering a step-change in research capability and world-leading science, and which would lead to the UK becoming more adaptable and resilient to floods and droughts.

Report for the FDRI community

This report provides a summary of the FDRI scoping study, including the:

  • FDRI vision and its strategic context
  • approach to stakeholder engagement
  • FDRI science case
  • proposed FDRI
  • developing and selecting infrastructure options
  • achievements and next steps.


The scoping study was commissioned by UKRI, using funding from the UKRI Infrastructure Fund, and NERC. It was led by the UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology working in collaboration with the British Geological Survey and researchers from two leading UK universities: the University of Bristol, and Imperial College London.

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