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Alien CSI Core group

Chair: Helen Roy

Vice-Chair: Quentin Groom


WG1 - Engaging people in CS: Elizabete Marchante, Peter Brown, Anna Gazda

WG2 - Approaches to CS: Tim Adriaens, Elena Tricarico

WG3 - Data management and standards: Jan Pergl, Lien Reyserhove, and Quentin Groom

WG4 - Analysis and visualisation: Michael Pocock, Franz Essl, Sven Jelaska. 

WG5 - Cross-cutting CS initiative(s) for IAS across Europe: Bernat Claramunt and Niki Chartosia. 


STSM/Training School coordination/ITC Conference: Frances Lucy, Lori Lawson Handley, Elena Tricarico, Laura Verbrugge

Communication Manager: Kelly Martinou

Science Communication team: Argyro Zenetos, Kath Turvey, Paraskevi Karachle, Maarten De Groot.

JRC/ EASIN Liaison: Ana Cristina Cardoso and Sven Schade (stakeholder engagement)

Early Career Investigator Network Coordinator: Rachel Farrow


COST Science Officer of the Action: Mafalda Quintas 

COST Administrative Officer of the Action: Rose Cruz Santos/Tania Gonzalez Ovin


A complete list of participating parties and Management Committee members can be found by visiting the Action's page on the COST website.