FluViSat is a proof-of-concept study leveraging recent scientific advances in hydrology to explore the potential use of satellite-collected video, and now high framerate still imagery, to provide accurate and timely quantification of water movements and river flows for the benefit of water management globally.

The project is funded through the European Space Agency's (ESA) - Future EO-1 EO Science for Society - Grand Science Challenges, with Phase 1 running between January and December 2022, and Phase 2 between May and November 2023. It is led by UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, in partnership with the Luxembourg-based company, RSS-Hydro, and the Queensland Government, Australia.

Mocked up satellite and drone over a river


Project Team

Project Lead
Project Manager
UK and Norway fieldwork, data processing and hydrometric applications
Guy Schumann
CEO and Founder RSS-Hydro, Luxembourg
EO acquisition, image processing, and EO opportunities
Mark Randall
Senior Water Officer, Department of Regional Development, Manufacturing and Water, Queensland Government, Australia
Australian fieldwork, data processing and hydrometric applications