The free mobile apps listed below allow volunteers to quickly access information ‘on-the-go’. Using GPS and camera technology embedded in smart phones, these apps allow citizen scientist volunteers to collect verifiable records in the field. These records are used by our scientists to further our understanding of the world around us.  Our key partners for each App are listed below. Records can also be added directly to the iRecord website.

Mobile apps for citizen science and biological recording

Bloomin' Algae

Bloomin Algae app logo

Asian Hornet Watch

Asian Hornet Watch app logo




iRecord mobile app logo



Lichen App

Lichen App app logo



Ozone Injury Recording

White clover (Trifolium repens) photo by Felicity Hayes




mySoil mobile app logo



Plant Tracker

Plant Tracker mobile app logo

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Additional recording support

What's Flying Tonight is a tool that will make identifying moths easier. Read more about it in a blog post by Dr Tom August. Use What's Flying Tonight on your smartphone or PC.

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