Published ouputs from the Programme

Research papers


PDF icon Special issue of Applied Soil Ecology Access online (You will need to have access to Elsevier's ScienceDirect service).

PDF icon List of current publications 



A wide range of data collected during the programme is available from the NERC Environmental Information Data Centre (EIDC), hosted by the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology. 


Click here to access published datasets.



Reports available to download

The Sourhope Field Data Handbook 2003 refers to the following files, which can be downloaded from here. Each file is available in Excel and Adobe pdf format:

Microsoft Office document icon Twinspan.doc  PDF icon Twinspan.pdf Office spreadsheet icon Association.xls  PDF icon Association.pdf Office spreadsheet icon Soil_hoz.xls PDF icon soil_hoz.pdf Office spreadsheet icon Soildata.xls  PDF icon Soildata.pdf  Office spreadsheet icon Soil_rgs.xls  PDF icon Soil_rgs.pdf

Newsletters (July 1998 - March 2004)

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