Use of animals in research

Available Translations:

  • The Centre for Ecology & Hydrology only uses animals where there are no appropriate alternatives, and only in research for the benefit of conservation and environmental health. All such work is carried out under licences issued by the Home Secretary after weighing its potential benefits against the effects on the animals concerned. CEH is committed to the principles of reduction, refinement and replacement, and to a culture of care and respect for animal welfare.
  • On each project it ensures that the number of animals used is minimised and that procedures, care routines and husbandry are refined to maximise welfare.CEH is committed to the development and use of non-animal alternatives such as tissue culture and molecular technology; such methods are used wherever possible.
  • CEH’s ethical review process involves external and internal representation. It provides ethical advice on standards of animal care, welfare and accommodation and ensures that those working with animals are aware of their responsibilities and receive appropriate training. Veterinary and animal care staff are actively involved in the ethical review of research, welfare and care of animals and provide ongoing advice and support to researchers where necessary.