UKCEH Land Cover Maps
The UKCEH Land Cover Maps describe the physical material on the surface of the United Kingdom providing an uninterrupted national dataset of land cover classes from grassland, woodland and rivers to artificial materials such as urban and suburban built-up areas.

UKCEH has a long history of using satellite imagery to produce land cover maps from the first national Land Cover Map of Great Britain in 1990 to the current production of annual land cover maps which are capable of use for change detection.

UKCEH’s Land Cover Maps are a trusted source of information on land cover for the whole of the United Kingdom and have been used for the management of natural resources, urban planning, carbon accounting and flood risk modelling, to name but a few. UKCEH’s Land Cover Maps have been successfully used in a wide range of applications by government departments and agencies, county councils, charities and utility companies.

Land Cover Map products

Obtaining UKCEH's Land Cover Maps

Academic research

All of UKCEH’s Land Cover Maps are available for free to users of the EDINA Environment Digimap service which includes staff and students at more than 100 UK further and higher education establishments.

Non-Commercial use of raster data

All of UKCEH’s raster Land Cover Maps (all 20m, 25m and 1km raster datasets) are available to download and use for free for non-commercial organisations and their contractors from the UKCEH Environmental Information Platform.

Internal business use

All of UKCEH’s Land Cover Maps are available for Internal business Use under licence and subject to payment of a licence fee. Please make a request via our web form or telephone +44 (0)1491 692716 for more information.

Innovation use and value-added reselling

UKCEH encourages use of it’s intellectual property in value added products and services. Our intellectual property can be made available without charge for Innovation Use in order to allow feasibility studies and the development of products and services prior to arranging a bespoke value added reseller agreement. Please make a request via our web form or telephone +44 (0)1491 692716 for more information.

Web form

Please fill in our Data Request Form to request map data for internal business use, innovation use or value added reselling.


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