Please note that for Academic Research/Education only, UKCEH’s Land Cover Map, Land Cover® plus: Crops, and Land Cover® plus Fertilisers & Pesticides datasets are available via EDINA, specifically the Environment section.  Once the annual subscription has been paid by your academic institution, individuals can access the data for free.

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Academic Research: Research to further a body of knowledge, the resulting research paper of which will be disseminated widely and without delay and will not be held for the exclusive information or use of the research sponsor.

Internal Business Use: Use in an organisation, including consultancy.  This use does not involve supplying data, which either comprises a substantial part of the UKCEH dataset or was developed using the UKCEH dataset, to any third party.

Personal use: Use which is not Academic Research and not Internal Business use and is restricted to that required by an individual acting in a private capacity and does not involve commercial gain.

Innovation: The development of products or services created from Licensed Data with the intention of subsequently entering into a value added reselling agreement. 

Educational: Means for the purpose of teaching and learning, and/or teacher training and which does not involve direct or indirect commercial gain.

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