Professional summary

Research Interests

I am an environmental modeller with a background in quantum physics. My core research centres on aquatic and terrestrial contaminants such as nanomaterials and metals and, more specifically, creating geospatial models of their fate, speciation and bio-uptake. I lead the development of the NanoFASE model, a spatiotemporal model of nanomaterial fate and bio-uptake. My work frequently involves assessing the relevance of such models to regulators and industry.

I have strong interests in model integration and software development, in particular, how modern software development paradigms and techniques can help environmental modelling and model integration. I am a keen advocate and creator of open source software and open science.

Outside of the computational sciences, I have an active interest in synchrotron science and have used x-ray absorption spectroscopy to investigate chemical speciation of nanomaterials in soils and plants.

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  • PhD: Quantum Nanotechnology Group, Department of Physics, Lancaster University. Awarded in 2016.
  • MPhys: Department of Physics, Lancaster University. Awarded in 2012.