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The 101st Scottish Freshwater Group (SFG) meeting will take place on Thursday 25th October 2018. Talks will be held in the Logie Lecture Theatre and posters in the Foyer outside the Logie Lecture Theatre, adjacent to the Cottrell Building, University of Stirling.

This is an open meeting to encourage the diversity of our SFG community – we hope many of you will come along to support our contributors and enjoy getting together.

Chair: Jennifer Dodd (Edinburgh Napier University)

Morning Session

10:00   Meet for tea/coffee (not provided, please bring your own)

10:20   Pauline Lang (SEPA) & Laurence Carvalho (CEH): Welcome & SFG updates

10:30   Stephen Thackeray (CEH): “Shifting seasons, above and below water”

11:00   Hamish Moir (Cbec Eco Engineering): “Natural Flood Management in theory and practice: experience from modelling, design and implementation”

11:30   Marie Levet (University of Glasgow): “The impacts of motorboat noise on the metabolic state of common minnows”

12:00   Hannele Honkanen (SCENE, University of Glasgow): “Using acoustic telemetry to study Scottish migratory salmonids”

12:30 – 14:00  Extended lunch for Poster Presentations

Please try to join this session from 13:00 in the Foyer outside the Logie Lecture Theatre for networking prior to afternoon session:

  • SFG envisioning the future sustainability of Scotland’s freshwaters: 99th mtg. workshop follow through
    Developing the SFG’s collaborative leadership capabilities to create practical outcomes for Scotland
  • Diatom metabarcoding for water quality assessment in SEPA
    Laia Rovira, Jan Krokowski, Catriona Taylor, Elizabeth Mullen, Mari Lau, Andrew Morris, Tim Foster, Robert Whitecross, Willie Duncan, Cathy Bennett, Malcolm Baptie, Jo Long, Paul Jones, Robin Guthrie & Pauline Lang (SEPA)
  • Bloomin’ Algae! Minimising the risks to public and animal health
    Anne Dobel & Laurence Carvalho (CEH)
  • Linking water quality with amphibian breeding and development: a case study of natural ponds and sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) in East Kilbride, Scotland
    Ryan J. Bird (University of Glasgow)

Other posters on any freshwater-related topic most welcome on the day!

Afternoon Session

14:00   Sean Dugan (Fisheries Management Scotland): “Atlantic salmon sampling in West Greenland” [PDF]

14:30   Neil Metcalfe (University of Glasgow): “Should we be adding nutrients to upland streams to boost salmon productivity?”

15:00   Ronald Campbell (Tweed Foundation): "The history of salmon management in the British Isles: the Buckland Lecture for 2018"

16:00   Announcements & Meeting Close

Followed by a social drink in the Meadowpark Hotel.

The next meeting of the Scottish Freshwater Group will be held on Thursday 25th April 2019 at the University of Stirling – an announcement will be communicated by the SFG team, with further updates to follow via e-circular and social media.