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110th meeting 25 April 2024 Celebrating the diversity of freshwater work happening across our SFG community
111th meeting 24 October 2024 DNA-based assessments of freshwater ecosystems: current status from methods to management



Past SFG Meetings and Summary Reports

SFG Agenda and Member Contributions
109th meeting 26 Oct 2023 Citizen science in Scottish freshwaters  
108th meeting 27 Apr 2023 Agenda coordinated by Craig Macadam from Buglife and Kerr Adams from the Scottish Freshwater Group.  
107th meeting 27 October 2022 Theme: "From river to sea: freshwater and coastal migration by salmonids".  
106th meeting 21 April 2022 Informing practical action to address the impacts of climate change on freshwaters in Scotland Reflections (PDF)
105th meeting 21 October 2021. See the full programme for this meeting with the theme of Valuing & protecting freshwaters: the role of science, policy & practice. SFG Guest Coordinator: Louise Lavictoire (Freshwater Biological Association)  
104th meeting 22 April 2021. See the meeting booklet. View the full programme for this online meeting coordinated by Hydro Nation Scholars. Many thanks to our guest coordinators: Rita Noelle Moussa (University of Aberdeen), Julze Alejandre (Glasgow Caledonian University) and Kerr Adams (University of Edinburgh)  
Autumn 2020 meeting 22 October 2020. We held our first virtual SFG meeting via Zoom. See the full programme for this webinar hosted by Laurence Carvalho (UKCEH)  
April 2020 Watch a short video message from SFG coordinator Dr Pauline Lang Please read our announcement about postponing SFG104.  
103rd meeting October 2019 Theme: Eco-hydrology and Hydro-ecology.
Guest coordinator Faye Jackson (Marine Scotland Science)
102nd meeting April 2019 Exploring the practicalities of delivering freshwater conservation and restoration projects Report (PDF)
101st meeting October 2018 Half day theme on salmon management Report (PDF)
100th meeting April 2018 (2 days) 50 years of the Scottish Freshwater Group Report (PDF)
99th meeting October 2017 Envisioning the future sustainability of Scotland's freshwaters  
98th meeting April 2017 Connecting people with the freshwater environment  
97th meeting October 2016 Includes afternoon session on A Fuller Picture of Fisheries Summary report (PDF)
96th meeting April 2016 (2 days) Freshwater research presentations and Bioblitz activities  
95th meeting October 2015 Half-day on river restoration Summary report (PDF)
94th meeting April 2015 Half-day theme on "CREW discussion of research priorities" Summary report (PDF)
93rd meeting October 2014 Half-day theme on "The Eddlestone Water Project" Summary report (PDF)
92nd meeting March 2014 Half-day theme on "The Story of Tweed Sea-trout" Summary report (PDF)
91st meeting October 2013 Joint meeting with the IBIS project Summary report (PDF)
90th meeting April 2013 Open agenda Summary report (PDF)
89th meeting Autumn 2012 Freshwater research in the developing world Summary report (PDF)

Presentations from older meetings can be found in our web archive.