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The UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology coordinates the six-year, £7m Valuing Nature Programme, which aims to better understand and represent the complexities of the natural environment in valuation analyses and decision making. 

Building on the Valuing Nature Network (2011-2014), it further considers the economic, societal and cultural value of nature, linking researchers with businesses, policymakers and practitioners. 

Programme research goals

Projects funded through the Programme address two research goals:

1. Improve our understanding of:

  • the links between ecosystem stocks and tipping points
  • how the values of ecosystem services change as tipping points are reached and exceeded
  • critical levels of natural capital that avoid abrupt and damaging ecosystem change.

2. Improve our understanding of the role biodiversity and ecosystem processes play in human health and well-being, in the areas of:

  • historical, spatial and temporal dynamics of value
  • cultural and social contexts of value
  • optimising value through evidence-informed design of interventions.

The Programme Coordination Team

The Valuing Nature Programme Coordination Team, headed by Rosie Hails, formerly of UKCEH, supports a range of activities to encourage collaboration and knowledge exchange including:

Demystifying Seminars - Bringing together both early career and experienced researchers to investigate the concept of valuing nature

Demystifying Series - A series of reports that provide accessible information and guidance on valuing nature through different lenses

Is there value to valuing nature? - Debate series on the underlying tenets of assigning value to nature

Business interface - Hosting events and resources to help businesses benefit from research

Landscape events - Using a place-based approach to interrogate the value of nature from diverse perspectives

Discipline-crossing placements - Using a place-based approach to interrogate the value of nature from diverse perspectives

Programme Coordination Team members

Former members of the Team included:

  • Dr Anita Weatherby, UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology - Programme Coordinator
  • Val Woods, UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology - Programme Administration and Communications

Further information

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