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The Centre for Ecology & Hydrology coordinates the five-year, £6.5m Valuing Nature Programme, which aims to better understand and represent the complexities of the natural environment in valuation analyses and decision making. 

Building on the Valuing Nature Network (2011-2014), it further considers the economic, societal and cultural value of nature, linking researchers with businesses, policymakers and practitioners. 

Current funding opportunities

Programme research goals

Projects funded through the Programme address two research goals:

1. Improve our understanding of:

  • the links between ecosystem stocks and tipping points
  • how the values of ecosystem services change as tipping points are reached and exceeded
  • critical levels of natural capital that avoid abrupt and damaging ecosystem change.

2. Improve our understanding of the role biodiversity and ecosystem processes play in human health and well-being, in the areas of:

  • historical, spatial and temporal dynamics of value
  • cultural and social contexts of value
  • optimising value through evidence-informed design of interventions.


The Programme Coordination Team

The Valuing Nature Programme Coordination Team, headed by CEH's Rosie Hails, supports a range of activities to encourage collaboration and knowledge exchange including:

Demystifying valuation seminars - Bringing together both early career and experienced researchers to investigate the concept of valuing nature

Is there value to valuing nature? - Debate series on the underlying tenets of assigning value to nature

Business interface - Hosting events and resources to help businesses benefit from research

Landscape events - Using a place-based approach to interrogate the value of nature from diverse perspectives

Discipline-crossing placements - Using a place-based approach to interrogate the value of nature from diverse perspectives

Programme Coordination Team members


Further information

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Valuing Nature Discipline Crossing Placement Scheme

The deadline for the Valuing Nature Discipline Crossing Placement Scheme has now passed and it is therefore no longer accepting applications. Applicants will be updated as to the status of their application by the end of December. If you have any questions please do contact the Valuing Nature team at .

Researchers wishing to extend their skills and knowledge on issues of ‘valuing nature’ are invited to apply for funding under the Valuing Nature Placement Scheme. The purpose of the scheme is to fund researchers to spend up to three months working on a topic related to the Valuing Nature remit in a new disciplinary, institutional or applied setting. This should include a learning experience outside the researcher’s usual area of expertise, and could involve developing understanding of key concepts, related methodological techniques or data use, or approaches to policy or practice uptake.

£180,000 is available to be divided between 5-10 successful applicants. 

For more information, please read the Announcement of Opportunity

To apply, please download the application form and return to by midday Monday 14th December 2015

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