NanoFATE young scientist

A full 19 young scientists working at 9 NanoFATE partner institutions benefited from NanoFATE! For 15, their position was directly funded by NanoFATE, and the rest enhanced their projects through close and direct collaborative interaction with our project. A total of 10 PhDs will have been defended on the strength of NanoFATE research. Read about thesis topics and find links to published papers in Newsletter 6.

Meet some of the Masters, PhD and Post-Doc researchers who conducted studies for NanoFATE Components 1 and 2. Follow the links below to find their profile and a summary of their investigations as presented at our first annual meeting (May 2011).

You’ll gain a glimpse of the strong interdisciplinary character of our project, and learn about the methodological groundwork opening the way to better understanding of the environmental fate of engineered nanoparticles (ENPs).

Component 1 “Particle Chemistry and Fate”

Production of ENPs for the needs of the project, development of advanced imaging and analytical techniques for tracking particles in different environmental compartments.
Component Leader: Alison Crossley, UOXF.DJ

Component 2 “Ecotoxicology and Bioavailability”

Assessing the ecotoxicity of selected ENPs including toxicokinetic and toxicodynamic aspects.
Component Leader: Kees van Gestel, VUA