DUKEMS: Developing a UK Community Emissions Modelling System

The core objectives of this project are the delivery of a framework and tools designed to be operational long term in supporting the atmospheric modelling community by providing a flexible, user-friendly system to deliver emission input data for modelling in a transparent, traceable and reproducible manner.

In this context, the focus of the proposed work is not on blue-skies discovery science, but primarily on supporting and enabling science.

The overall desired outcome of the project is to deliver a tool(s), the EMS, able to process and generate emissions data for air quality modelling applications ranging from UK national to street level. The DUKEMS project is part of the SPF Clean Air Programme.

DUKEMS atmosphere diagram

New paper published

Review of road dust re-suspension modelling approaches and comparisons analysis for a UK case study: Fabio Galatioto; Nicola Masey; Tim Murrells; Scott Hamilton; Matthieu Pommier Atmosphere 2022, 13(9), 1403;

DUKEMS UG Graphics diagram

DUKEMS 2nd user group meeting

A second meeting of the DUKEMS User Group was held on 17 February 2021, with more than 25 participants representing the project team and number of atmospheric modellers across the UK modelling community. Professor Ranjeet Sokhi kindly agreed to chair this user group meeting.

Project partners