Effectiveness of pollution control measures under scenarios of future climate and land cover change at the catchment scale


Andrew Wade1; Leah Jackson-Blake2,3; Andy Vinten3; Rachel Helliwell3.

1Department of Geography and Environmental Science, University of Reading, 2Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA); 3James Hutton Institute.

Stakeholder Representatives

Mark Hallard, Scottish Environment Protection Agency; Dave Johnson, The Rivers Trust; Matt Charlton, Environment Agency.

Forum issues addressed by case study

How can I know if land management will be effective?

  • What is the effect of different land management interventions on water quality?
  • Will the outcome be affected by future conditions of climate change or land use change?  

Where is the pollution coming from? And how do pollutants act together?

  • Are there different sources of the same pollutants?
  • Would I make a different decision if I looked at one or several pollutants?

How can I look at sensitivity / impacts on different catchment functions / services?

  • What are the biggest changes in the catchment after a land management change and can I optimise?




  • Management outcome
  • Climate Change
  • Transferability
  • Pollution source



  • Suspended sediment
  • Total Phosphorus
  • Total Dissolved Phosphorus
  • Nitrate


  • River reach / Catchment


  • INCA-N
  • INCA-P