AMPHoRA aims to produce practical solutions for reducing polluting emissions from agriculture, and so help improve air quality and human health. To achieve this, we will work with members of the public from the very beginning, as well as with farmers, health experts, policymakers and regulators.

The information people provide will contribute to the scientific and policy-making processes.  Over the three years of the project, our community engagement team will ensure that local people‚Äôs views and ideas are part of the research process itself, the evaluation of research outputs and the dissemination of findings. To do this we will hold about four community stakeholder group meetings in each of the four UK nations over the three years, as well as developing two youth groups.

Local people will contribute their experiences and ideas related to:

  • Diet, nutrition and health,
  • How our food is produced,
  • Agricultural pollution,
  • Climate change, and
  • The relationships between these things.

We will use a combination of online and in-person workshops with a variety of interactive activities to make the meetings fun and useful and post regular updates from the community engagement to the website.