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One of the main contributions of this project are the peer-review papers to be published by the members of AMMA-2050. This space will list the published outputs from the project.

Policy briefs

​The AMMA-2050 project aims to bring together a broad range of expertise to better understand how West African climate will change, and crucially, to translate this knowledge for decision-makers, explicitly accounting for uncertainty. Applying expert judgement to these outputs, we will identify impacts and adaptation options in water resources and agriculture, including targeted studies on urban flooding and crop breeding. Specialist material will be presented here during the course of the project.

Outputs & Tools

Here you can access a number of visual products related to storm development over parts of the West African region

Technical reports

Where possible the deliverables from the work of the individual work packages will be made available as technical reports

Climate metrics compilation

Reports showing the future changes of various metrics compared to historical times for different regions in West Africa derived from CMIP5 models

Impact case studies

Four case studies that demonstrate the research, methods, analysis and learning that has occurred within the AMMA-2050 project