Secrets of the Saltmarsh: 450

The fourth episode of our Counting the Earth podcast is now available! Join award-winning science journalist Sue Nelson and UKCEH’s Alice Hope as they continue to investigate the numbers behind nature.

In the latest episode, Sue and Alice explore the breathtaking beauty of our saltmarshes, discovering the many benefits that these complex coastal ecosystems have to offer – from wildlife habitat and flood defence to carbon storage!

Sue visits WWT Steart Marshes, a newly restored saltmarsh in Somerset. Site manager Alys Laver introduces the species thriving on the reserve including avocets, eels, and sea lavender, and explains what it takes to restore a landscape.

Sue and Alice catch up with Annette Burden, a wetland biogeochemist and expert in saltmarshes at UKCEH, to find out about blue carbon and the role saltmarshes can play in capturing carbon to mitigate climate change. Annette explains why the development of a voluntary saltmarsh code is important to finance future saltmarsh restoration projects.

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Producer: Rachael Buchanan

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