CEH offers expertise and tools in water resources management and research to support governments, water suppliers, environmental regulators and scientists.

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Our solutions aid management decisions and water resource allocation, helping ensure water, food and energy security.


The research

CEH’s unique ability to integrate multi-disciplinary scientific capabilities allows us to provide a wide range of flexible solutions to address key water management issues. As the Centre of Excellence for freshwater science, our hydrological modelling capabilities allow us to understand the current and projected future state of freshwater systems and the impacts of changes in climate and land-use, population and economic development.

We provide evidence and decision support tools to underpin Integrated Water Resource Management approaches at local, national, regional and global scales, including support for transboundary river basin management.


The outcomes

CEH has a long history of supporting governments around the world to develop and operate water resources systems. For over 50 years, CEH (and its predecessor the Institute of Hydrology) has worked in scientific and capacity building partnerships, including those under the UNESCO International Hydrological Programme and World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Hydrology and Water Resources Programme.

We have successfully delivered large multi-disciplinary projects for governments and agencies across the world. Our clients have included: the World Bank GroupEuropean Union, UK Department for International Development, WMO, UNESCO, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and NGOs.

Science areas: