The NRFA underpins hydrological research and water-management activities in the UK, and delivers data and expertise to UK Government and international organisations. The NRFA:

  • Acts as the main focal point for hydrometric data in the UK
  • Provides access to river flow data from over 1,500 gauging stations across the UK
  • Offers independent, authoritative commentary on current hydrological conditions
  • Supports the hydrometric monitoring activities of our partner organisations

The research

NRFA delivers hydrometric data and analysis to a wide range of users, including UK government departments, academia, consultancies and the water industry. NRFA services include:

  • Daily mean flow and peak flow data for rivers across the UK
  • Catchment daily rainfall data and spatial information to support river flow interpretation
  • A web-based portal cataloguing gauging stations on the NRFA alongside associated metadata
  • Monthly Hydrological Summaries for the UK 
  • Reports on major floods and droughts
  • Information on long-term hydrological trends in the UK
  • Advice on hydrometric data management practices
  • Hydrological expertise and advice for the general public and media 

Science areas: