Customer feedback

UK CEH is proud to deliver high quality training activity.

Here are some examples of what our learners said:


“This module allows us to apply what we have learned to the practice and the real life.”

(MSc student participating in UK CEH-led Lakes Ecology module at Lancaster University in 2016/17)


“Really useful course to help clarify what you need to consider and more importantly ‘why’, you need to consider the different ‘aspects’ prior to starting an assessment on impact of discharges on biota. Liked the approach of going through the model at the start of the course alongside the lectures….”

(Participant of the UK CEH radioecology course)


We gather feedback at every course and seek to further improve our course delivery and course material in response to feedback.

If you would like to provide further feedback on a training course you have been on please contact our Business Development Manager, Dr Ingo Schüder, via or phone +44 (0) 1491 69 2225.