Professional summary

Research Interests

I have broad biological interests ranging from biomechanics to macroecological processes. I am currently researching and modelling spatial patterns in air pollution issues and agroforestry.

Brief CV



Leeds University, PhD Biology (2014-2018) - NERC funded PhD project focused primarily on dragonfly flight and ecology. Experience with scientific experiments, data analysis, computer programming, statistical methods, scientific writing, problem solving and teaching, particularly within ecology and biomechanics.

University of Exeter, Master of Science, Biodiversity and Conservation (2012-2013) - Including an independent research project modelling chough (Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax) foraging habitat in Cornwall.

University of Oxford, Bachelor of Arts (2008-2011) - Including an independent research project investigating population monitoring of the endangered southern damselfly (Coenagrion mercuriale), and literature review of fishfeeding biomechanics.

Employment & Experience

Administrative Assistant (Hampshire County Council, Apr-Aug 2014) - Standard administrative tasks carried out within the Services for Young Children and School Admissions departments.

Ecologist (WYG Group, 2013-2014) - Employed to assist with ecological surveys (bats, newts and dormice)

Wildlife Officer (ORCA, Mar-Sep 2012) - Voluntary position surveying cetacean populations in the Bay of Biscay, working to educate the public regarding cetacean conservation and fundraising activities.

Laboratory Technician (Oxford Flight Group, University of Oxford, Jun-Dec 2011) - Insect capture and care and carrying out biomechanical laboratory experiments (around flight).