Professional summary

Yueming obtained MSc in Biological Engineering from Chinese Academy of Science in 2014. Her studies include Biostatistics, freshwater ecology and received training of algae identification and culturing. She investigated the vertical patterns of phytoplankton and their influence factors in reservoirs. She then moved to Germany to pursue doctoral studies in Christian Albrechts University of Kiel, where she assessed potential impacts of multiple stressors on riverine phytoplankton community by ecohydrological models. She obtained her PhD in 2019. After that, she joined Indo-German Centre for Sustainability (IGCS) as a postdoc fellow. Her work mainly focused on understanding the ecological state of restoration lakes in India and video making for hydrobiology lectures.

Yueming works as water quality modeller at UKCEH, Wallingford since 2021. Her research interests include using integrated models to assess the impacts of multiple stressors on freshwater ecosystem and river basin management. She has handled much of the freshwater macroinvertebrates data for NERC project ChemPop to assist with the tests and brings considerable experience from researching aquatic biodiversity in China and Germany. She has experience of the QUESTOR water quality model, and applied the model in the UK rivers under commissioned research funding for Environment Agency. Yueming has contributed in systematic literature review for Defra QEIA project, and has conducted ecological and statistical analysis as well as mapping and modelling freshwater quality for European Nature-based Solution projects (Regreen and DeSCIPHER).

Other Publications

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