Professional summary

Ulli is a spatial modeller with >25 years’ experience in spatial data analysis, with a focus on air pollution from agricultural and non-agricultural sources, greenhouse gases and mitigation. She leads the Emission Sources, Sinks and Solutions group within UKCEH. Her and her team's main work areas include the high-resolution spatial modelling of emissions of ammonia (NH3) and greenhouse gases from agriculture and miscellaneous non-agricultural sources, at the national scale (1 km grid resolution) and landscape scale (individual farms & fields). The team produces the high-resolution annual emission maps for these sources for the UK National Atmospheric Emissions Inventory ( Ulli has been leading projects on future scenario modelling for the development of mitigation strategies (e.g. Nitrogen Futures project series) and science evidence for air quality policy development, assessing effects on sensitive vegetation via monitoring and modelling approaches, as well as work on historic time series on nitrogen emissions and deposition.

Many of Ulli's research projects and contracts are commissioned by the UK government, agencies etc. and she regularly interacts with national/international stakeholders, customers and partners. During 2020-21 she was seconded to the Scottish Government to establish a statutory whole-economy and whole-environment Scottish Nitrogen Balance Sheet, the first NBS globally to be enshrined in law (2019 Climate Change Act). She is a member of several government advisory groups (Defra, DAERA, Welsh Government, Scottish Government) and UN ECE Expert Panels. She supervised PhD (3 completed) and several MSc students with the University of Edinburgh, Kings College London and Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC).