Professional summary

Toby has been a Land Surface Science Researcher at the UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (CEH) in Wallingford, since October 2015. 

He researches river routing and other flows over land and into the Global Ocean. He was responsible for putting overbank inundation into the JULES land surface model in 2015/16, and is currently working to improve our representation of different forms of inundation and river flow. This is critical for predicting floods and droughts and it links to many other aspects of climate change prediction where current knowledge is insufficient, such as in land-atmosphere interactions or coastal exchange. For this, he works with NOC on the CHAMFER project and is using the UK's coupled model configurations.

Toby is also interested in wetland environments, particularly in the Tropics, which are hugely important for global water and carbon cycles and, of course, biodiversity. He is working with partners in Southeast Asia through UKCEH's NC-International project to make better predictions of peatland and oil palm environments.

Through his projects he is involved with the theory and development of land surface models (LSMs) and hydrological models, working collaboratively with groups in the UK, India, Norway, US, Panama and elsewhere. Mostly, he uses the UK model JULES, for which he is a code developer.