Professional summary

Research Interests

Dr Warnaars is an experienced project manager with a background in ecohydrology. She has managed several large multi-disciplinary international projects, coordinating numerous and diverse project partners from Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America. Her role includes disseminating project outputs working to promote the use of science evidence in decision making and good science to policy interfacing on the subject of water and climate change. Previously she was a research associate at the University of Minnesota (USA) and worked at the National Center for Earth Surface Dynamics there. Currently she is a working at the European Science Foundation as a Science Officer, and maintains a fellowship with UK CEH.

Brief CV

Employment History

2019-present: Science Officer, European Science Foundation

2007-2019: Scientific Project Manager, CEH

2010-2015: Knowledge Exchange Fellow on Water Security and Climate Change, NERC 

2004-2005: Manager of the Ecolab at St Anthony's Falls Lab, University of Minnesota, USA

2003-2005:Research Associate with the National Center for Earth Systems Dynamics (NCED), USA


Project Work:

NFLICS (Nowcasting FLood Impacts of Convective storms in the Sahel DfiD/NERC £250k) coordinated proposal. Managing stakeholder engagement and user needs analysis, information co-production, maintaining UK-Senegal partnerships (2018-2020)

AMMA-2050 (African Monsoon Multidisciplinary Analysis) (DfID/NERC, £4M) Manager and Knowledge Exchange lead: researching changes to the West African monsoon and demonstrating the real use of climate information in decision making; for the medium-term. Working with researchers and decision makers to increase the use of research findings in policy making. (2015-2019)

SWIFT (African Science for Weather Information and Forecasting Techniques) (GCRF £7.8M). Leads stakeholder engagement in Senegal, promoting use of science evidence in decision making and good science to policy interfacing. (2017-2021)

Global Hydrological Status and Outlook System (HydroSOS) Coordinating this WMO led initiative to provide global scale information the current status of surface and groundwater systems (2017-2020)

NanoFASE (Nanomaterial FAte and Speciation in the Environment) (EU H2020, €10M). Co-Manager & KE facilitator: delivering an integrated Exposure Assessment Framework to assess the industrial nano-enabled products to a standard acceptable in regulatory registrations. (2015-2019)

ROBIN (Role of Biodiversity in Climate Change Mitigation) (EU FP7, €7M) Project Manager: focused on Latin and Meso-America providing information for policy, resource use options for different scenarios of socio-economic and climate change (2013-2015)

Capacity building with West African partners (Royal Society DfID) Project Manager: Capacity building with West African partners on soil – water –ecosystem interactions (networking grant) (2013-2015)

WATCH (EU FP6, €13M) Project Manager: responsible for reporting to the Commission, deliverables, progress reports, financial reports, plus organising international workshops and international summer school, plus disseminating project work (2007-2011)

Thames River Monitoring Initiative for the Water Framework Directive (CEH) Algal community ecological investigations, conducting diatom identification for trophic level status (2011-2013)

What is the evidence for glacier melt across the Himalaya? (DfID) Co-lead Systematic Reviewer: drafting protocols & full report & analysis (2010-2012)


PhD Civil Engineering (University of Minnesota, USA) 2005

MSc Estuarine and Coastal Science and Management (Hull University, UK) 1997

BSc Marine and Environmental Biology  (St Andrews University, UK ) 1995

PRINCE2 Project Management Foundation & Practitioner (2015)