Professional summary

Research Interests

My primary area of research is hydrological modelling and simulation using the Grid-to-Grid rainfall-runoff model. I joined CEH in 2014 as a NERC Research Associate in the Hydroclimatic Risks group. Projects currently being worked on include:

  • Development of CEH flood forecasting software such as Grid-to-Grid and PDM, for research and operational use, including on HPC systems
  • Development of a Flood Hazard Impact Model for India (WCSSP-India)
  • Effects of climate projection scenarios on surface water flooding hazard and impact
  • Application of Grid-to-Grid to the Great Barrier Reef, Australia as part of eReefs project, including the development of Grid-to-Grid within an operational flood forecasting system for Australia
  • Development of a Climate Service to help water sector manage water resources and plan for drought events (eFLaG), through the use of UKCP18 to provide an enhanced Future Flow dataset

Brief CV

2014 - : Mathematical Modeller, CEH

2009 - 2013: PhD in Theoretical Particle Physics, University of Durham
Thesis title: Infrared Structure of Dijet Production at the LHC  (