Prof. Stephen Christopher Maberly

Selected Publications


Woolway R. Iestyn; Simpson John H.; Spiby David; Feuchtmayr Heidrun; Powell Ben; Maberly Stephen; , 2018, Physical and chemical impacts of a major storm on a temperate lake: a taste of things to come?. Climatic Change

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Richardson Jessica; Miller Claire; Maberly Stephen C.; Taylor Philip; Globevnik Lidija; Hunter Peter; Jeppesen Erik; Mischke Ute; Moe S. Jannicke; Pasztaleniec Agnieszka; Søndergaard Martin; Carvalho Laurence; , 2018, Effects of multiple stressors on cyanobacteria abundance varies with lake type. Global Change Biology

Zhong Jun; Li Si-Liang; Ding Hu; Lang Yunchao; Maberly Stephen C.; Xu Sheng; , 2018, Mechanisms controlling dissolved CO2 over-saturation in the Three Gorges Reservoir area. Inland Waters, 8, 148-156

Wang Fushun; Maberly Stephen C.; Wang Baoli; Liang Xia; , 2018, Effects of dams on riverine biogeochemical cycling and ecology. Inland Waters, 8, 130-140

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Page Trevor; Smith Paul J.; Beven Keith J.; Jones Ian D.; Elliott J. Alex; Maberly Stephen C.; Mackay Eleanor B.; De Ville Mitzi; Feuchtmayr Heidrun; , 2017, Constraining uncertainty and process-representation in an algal community lake model using high frequency in-lake observations. Ecological Modelling, 357, 1-13

Clement Romain; Jensen Erik; Prioretti Laura; Maberly Stephen C.; Gontero Brigitte; , 2017, Diversity of CO2-concentrating mechanisms and responses to CO2 concentration in marine and freshwater diatoms. Journal of Experimental Botany, 68, 3925-3935

Maberly Stephen C.; Gontero Brigitte; , 2017, Ecological imperatives for aquatic CO2-concentrating mechanisms. Journal of Experimental Botany, 68, 3797-3814

Shao Hui; Gontero Brigitte; Maberly Stephen C.; Jiang Hong-Sheng; Cao Yu; Li Wei; Huang Wen-Min; , 2017, Responses of Ottelia alismoides, an aquatic plant with three CCMs, to variable CO2 and light. Journal of Experimental Botany, 68, 3985-3995

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Lachmann Sabrina C.; Maberly Stephen C.; Spijkerman Elly; , 2016, Ecophysiology matters: linking inorganic carbon acquisition to ecological preference in four species of microalgae (Chlorophyceae). Journal of Phycology, 52, 1051-1063

Dong Xuhui; Sayer Carl D.; Bennion Helen; Maberly Stephen C.; Yang Handong; Battarbee Richard W.; , 2016, Identifying sediment discontinuities and solving dating puzzles using monitoring and palaeolimnological records. Frontiers of Earth Science, 10, 621-633

Wang Baoli; Liu Cong-Qiang; Maberly Stephen C.; Wang Fushun; Hartmann Jens; , 2016, Coupling of carbon and silicon geochemical cycles in rivers and lakes. Scientific Reports, 6

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Yin Liyan; Li Wei; Madsen Tom V.; Maberly Stephen C.; Bowes George; , 2016, Photosynthetic inorganic carbon acquisition in 30 freshwater macrophytes. Aquatic Botany

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Maberly S.C.; Ciar D.; Elliott J.A.; Jones I.D.; Reynolds C.S.; Thackeray S.J.; Winfield I.J.; , 2017. From ecological informatics to the generation of ecological knowledge: long-term research in the English Lake District. In: Friedrich, (eds.) , Ecological informatics: data management and knowledge discovery (3rd ed.). Springer, 455-482. .