Professional summary

Simon obtained a degree in Marine Biology and Oceanography, before continuing on to do a MSc in Enivironmental Chemistry, both at Bangor University. He has worked for UKCEH for nearly 20 years, having vast experience of all things greenhouse gas emission related. He is insterested in understanding the impacts of land-use and climate change on GHG emissions, and learning how different ecosystems respond to these changes.Simon has worked on a range of systems, from peatlands and boreal forests, to Mediteranean maquis and UK arable and grasslands. He manages several eddy covariance flux towers and works with the UKCEH Flux Team to bring this data together to help inform policy. 

Current projects involve invertigating the land use change from arable/grassland to bioenergy biomass crops (Miscanthus and Willow), and crop management practices with regards to fertiliser to help achieve NetZero.

Selected publications